CJF, JSC and MJP launch $200,000 bursary program for journalism students

TORONTO—March 9, 2022 – The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), in partnership with J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada (JSC-ÉJC) and the Meta Journalism Project (MJP), today launched the new $200,000 Emerging Journalists Bursary Program. The initiative will provide JSC-ÉJC institutional members, representing 19 post-secondary journalism programs across Canada, with funding for up to 100 bursaries to their journalism students.


“The CJF is thrilled to partner with J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada and the Meta Journalism Project to launch this important and timely program to support emerging journalists,” says CJF President and Executive Director Natalie Turvey.


The CJF will administer the program by transferring deposits between an estimated $8,000–$12,000 to each approved JSC-ÉJC member, to be distributed to students in amounts of between $2,000 and $5,000. The bursary is open to full- or part-time students in a journalism degree or diploma program offered by a JSC-ÉJC member. Students can use the bursary to participate in career development initiatives, as approved by their institution, during the 2022-23 academic year.


“Career-related opportunities are crucial preparation for work in journalism,” says Tim Currie, vice-chair of J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada. “But not all students have equal access to them. J-Schools Canada is excited to be a partner in helping more students across Canada pursue valuable professional experience as part of their education.”


The CJF and JSC-ÉJC are grateful for the Meta Journalism Project’s support in financing this initiative and helping journalism students pursue formative experiences that advance the industry as a whole.


“The Emerging Journalists Bursary Program will help students across Canada focus on gaining experiences needed to build their careers in journalism while alleviating some financial burdens,” says Marc Dinsdale, Head of Media Partnerships, Canada, Meta. “As part of our ongoing commitment to support a thriving news ecosystem in Canada, we’re pleased to partner with the Canadian Journalism Foundation and J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada on this initiative to support the next generation of journalists in Canada.”


JSC-ÉJC member programs are invited to apply for the bursary by submitting applications to J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada here.


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For further information:


Natalie Turvey, President and Executive Director, The Canadian Journalism Foundation, nturvey@cjf-fjc.ca


Tim Currie, Vice-Chair/Treasurer, J-Schools Canada-Écoles-J Canada, jschoolscanada2@gmail.com


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