J-Schools Canada/ÉcolesJ is overseen by an executive committee composed of elected representatives from member institutions.


Here is our executive committee as of October 2019:


  • Chair: Susan Harada (Carleton University)
  • Vice-Chair/Treasurer: Tim Currie (University of King’s College)
  • Academic Director (Colleges): Cheryl Vallendar (Sheridan College)
  • Academic Director (Universities): Janice Neil (Ryerson University)
  • Member at large: Patricia Elliott (University of Regina)
  • Member at large: Romayne Smith-Fullerton (Western University)
  • J-Source Publisher (ex officio): Chris Waddell

J-Schools Canada/ÉcolesJ will be overseen by a board composed of representatives from member institutions. The following structure has been proposed (to be finalized at the first members’ meeting in May 2019 – see below):


  • Chair
  • Academic Director (a journalism faculty member whose research agenda is journalism education)
  • Treasurer
  • J-Source Publisher
  • Members at large (two)


The board will be supported by a researcher – a student hired annually from one of the member institutions.


Formal elections for these positions as well as decisions about the structure, responsibilities, length of terms of board members etc. will be determined at a meeting of all paid members of J-Schools Canada/ÉcolesJ at the Canadian Communications Association (CCA) annual conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities at the University of British Columbia in May 2019.


Until that meeting, oversight of J-Schools Canada/ÉcolesJ will be the responsibility of a committee of journalism program directors who met at the CCA in Regina in May 2018, as well as representatives of J-Source:


  • Colette Brin – Université Laval -Ville de Québec
  • Patricia Elliott – University of Regina – Regina
  • Susan Harada – Carleton University – Ottawa
  • Charles Hays – Thompson Rivers University – Kamloops
  • Janice Neil – Ryerson University – Toronto
  • David Secko – Concordia University – Montreal
  • Chris Waddell – J-Source Publisher – Carleton University Ottawa